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DELabCon Panelist

Uma Raghuram

Associate VP- Biopharma, Spinco Biotech Pvt Ltd.


Uma Raghuram, is presently Associate VP- Biopharma, Spinco Biotech Pvt Ltd. Having completed Masters in Microbiology from Mumbai University, she obtained her Ph.D from Anna University in 1998. She started her career at USV Ltd. as a Molecular and Cell Biologist, following which she joined Amersham Biosciences. Fulfilling a dual responsibility of Applications and Sales, she continued with GE Healthcare in various capacities supporting the Lifesciences division for the seven years and then joined Spinco Biotech as Senior Applications Scientist. She is an editor for Spinco’s monthly technical publication- CuttingEdge. She has a few international publications to her credit and several awards in oratory. An active member of the Chinmaya mission, she conducts Bal Vihar classes for children.

DELabCon History

  • She participated as a panelist in DELabCon 2019