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Dominik Reuter Area Sales Manager Europe - Asecos GmbH

Dominik Reuter

Area Sales Manager Europe - Asecos GmbH


Dominik Reuter compiled a profound expert knowledge in the field of chemical handling and storage. For over one decade he is with asecos GmbH, the world´s leading manufacturer of fire rated safety storage cabinets. Furthermore Dominik Reuter established a global asecos academy training seminar in the field of occupational health and safety. With his experience of more than 500 lectures in countries all over the globe he contributed to a raise of awareness for chemical safety in general.


Safe Storage and handling of Chemicals


The storage of chemicals with a high hazard potential can be a rather complicated and sometimes dangerous process, deciphering SDS sheets and determining how to segregate various chemicals can be challenging. In order to protect laboratory staff and the environment as efficiently as possible, it requires proper handling and storage of hazardous materials in working areas. This presentation will outline the current situation, explain the key differences between the various safety storage cabinets and exemplifies how to select the most appropriate cabinet for your particular application or situation in the 21st. century. You will find this demonstration useful, if you want to take care about your personal safety and your employees, avoiding sametime serious consequences  like destruction of premises; cessation of activities and legal issues.