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Gordon Sharp Chairman of Aircuity, Inc

Gordon Sharp

Chairman of Aircuity, Inc


Gordon Sharp, the chairman of Aircuity, Inc., has more than 25 years of wide-ranging entrepreneurial experience and holds more than 25 U.S. patents in the fields of energy efficiency and laboratory controls. As founder, former president, and chief executive officer of Phoenix Controls, Mr Sharp led the development of this world leader in laboratory airflow controls that was acquired by Honeywell in 1998. In 2000, Mr Sharp founded Aircuity, a smart airside energy efficiency company that was spun out of Honeywell.

Mr Sharp is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in electrical engineering. Mr Sharp is a member of the Board of Directors of I2SL, the nonprofit foundation that hosts the I2SL Annual Conference, a member of the ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 Laboratory Ventilation Committee, and a member of the ASHRAE SSPC standard 170 Ventilation of Health Care Facilities committee.


Slashing Lab and Vivarium Building Energy Use by up to 50%


The largest source of a laboratory or a vivarium’s energy consumption and carbon emissions is often the significant use of outside air to provide high Air Change per Hour (ACH) dilution ventilation. In the past a prescriptive approach to ventilation was advocated that made it difficult to save energy in these facilities. However, a demand based control approach to ventilation is now being used successfully in many facilities to cut HVAC energy use significantly. This approach as mentioned in the new 2015 ASHRAE Applications Handbook uses real time sensing of lab room contaminants to vary the minimum ventilation rate of the lab or vivarium to provide both better safety and lower energy use.  This talk will review the concept and an enabling technology as well as provide some case study results and quantitative analyses of energy savings and first cost impacts.