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DELabCon Speaker

Nitin Godse Director at Excel Group of Companies

Nitin Godse

Managing Director at Excel Group of Companies


Nitin Godse is the Managing Director at Excel Group of Companies. Excel Gas, one of the many subsidiaries of Excel Group of companies is engaged in turnkey contracting for ultra high purity gases, chemicals and utility handling systems.

Nitin has 20 years of experience in laboratory gas distribution systems business. He is considered to be an expert in utility handling systems and has delivered more than 1000 projects across India and the Middle East.

Excel Gas is proud to have served some of India’s and Middle East’s best companies in more than 10 different sectors.


Safer Utilities, Correct Utilities


A scientist working in today’s modern laboratory takes it for granted and expectedly so that he is getting right quantum and quality of utilities like water, electricity, ventilation, gases etc. Even a minute variation in these utilities can however have a drastic impact on research findings. Seemingly trivial contamination in carrier gas in a GC e.g. can alter results of analysis leading to wastage of time and other valuable resources. The session will primarily delve on an aesthetic but robust design and scientific installation of a gas handling system with a consideration to diverse user needs like safety, quality, economy, aesthetics, gas purity, material compatibility etc.