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DELabCon Speaker

Philippe Lardy

Trespa International


Philippe LARDY joined Trespa International in early 2012 as Regional Sales Manager for Europe, Middle-East & Africa in charge of the Scientific Surface Solutions known as Toplab® Solutions. Philippe has been involved in laboratory environment for more than 11 years with a deep expertise in filtration fumehood, Operation and Support Services, and Surface Solutions for laboratories. Philippe has worked and lived in several European countries, but also in Russia and Singapore developing an international network of selected technical and sales partners.


Changing Dynamics in Lab Design ; Influence on worktops and furniture


Science has never progressed so quickly. Think about what you were doing in your lab when you graduated? Think of what you are doing now? Automatization, 3D printers, AI… we are just at the beginning… Who knows what we will do in our labs in 15 years from now?

Laboratories are evolving everyday… New materials, New technologies… But at the same time your lab, the place where you are working, will stay there for the next decades. Therefore it is critical to ask the right questions and take the right decision from the design stage of your laboratory.

DELabCon History

  • He participated as a speaker in DELabCon 2019. His topic was “Changing Dynamics in Lab Design ; Influence on worktops and furniture”.