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DELabCon Speaker and Panelist

Prashant Shah

CEO, o2h co-work labs & Co-founder o2h group


Prashant is a serial entrepreneur in life sciences and tech in which one of those companies was acquired by a public company. He is currently active in seed investing, product/IP development, services, and building lab/office infrastructure. The early career was with the Strategy group at Accenture and he has a BEng, an MSc, in which he worked on the Human Genome Program at the Sanger Centre, and an MPhil in Management from the Judge Institute.

Prashant is also a General Partner in the o2h SEIS/EIS Human Health Fund. o2h group is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and has nurtured an east-west footprint encompassing UK/USA and India. o2h co-work labs operates from the Mill SciTech Park which is shaping an experience sharing community across, techies/scientists, CXO’s, VC’s, academia and the big Co’s.