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DELabCon Speaker

Revathy Venkatachalam

Deputy General Manager at Syngene International


Revathy is an MS in Chemistry from Missouri-Kansas City and an MS in Organic Chemistry from Wayne State University. She brings along over 20 years of experience. A tenacious and determined high achiever; Revathy is very goal and results oriented. While excellent communication skills, clear and logical thinking are her strengths; an ability to anticipate problems and find innovative solutions is her forte. She is a recipient of the 2015 AIHA President’s Award for contributions to the industry in India apart from being the winner of several awards for both academic and professional excellence. Revathy has worked with companies like BMS, Astra Zeneca, Versicor and Syngene.


Safety in Labs- Design and Intent


Successful laboratories are the result of extensive planning, collaboration, and coordination between the design team and all impacted stakeholders. The most important design intent in laboratory design should be worker safety. Although several provisions exist in our building codes and statutory regulations to ensure safety and health of the workers in a laboratory, this must be extended and reviewed to mitigate risks specific to laboratories.
A major factor that is neglected during design is the social needs of the occupants in terms of their interactions with each other. Common areas must be planned to encourage interactions between scientist as brainstorming is a core activity in the research process. A small detail overlooked or performed incorrectly, can have a detrimental impact on lab function and safety, therefore attention to detail and stakeholder input to design is critical.

DELabCon History

  • She participated as a speaker in DELabCon 2019. Her topic was “Safety in Labs- Design and Intent”
  • She participated as a panelist in DELabCon 2017. The topic of the panel discussion was “Safety in Laboratories- A Design & Protocol Perspective”