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DELabCon Speaker

Søren Sørensen Strategic Key Account Director, Broen Lab – A/S

Soren Sorenson

Strategic Key Account Director, Broen Lab – A/S


Søren Mundt Sørensen is MSc in International Marketing and has for the last 11 years worked for BROEN-LAB A/S, a leading supplier of laboratory fittings and emergency shower systems. As Strategic Key Account Director for a company with a global reach, he has a broad experience in laboratory risk assessments across different sectors and in supporting customers with Implementation of emergency shower solutions.


Improving laboratory safety with the right emergency shower solution


Most laboratories contains hazardous work zones and therefore emergency showers are mandatory, in order to minimize human injuries in case of accidents with harmful material or chemicals. The session will focus on key issues to consider, when designing the optimal emergency shower solution. Using the international standards EN 15154 1 & 2 and ANSI Z 358.1 as point of departure, the session will present practical tools and guidelines for maximizing employee safety by means of the right selection of emergency showers for your laboratory.