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DELabCon Speaker

Viresh Sheth Director & CEO at Shriyata Lifetech Pvt. Ltd

Viresh Sheth

Director & CEO at Shriyata Lifetech Pvt. Ltd


Viresh is the Director & CEO at Shriyata Lifetech Pvt. Ltd engaged in providing process and end-to-end engineering consultancy.

As a high-skilled senior director level projects & engineering leader, with 25 years of experience, Viresh has delivered complex, end-to end projects including design, engineering planning & control, procurement, investment planning, quality and regulatory compliance for top Biopharmaceutical & Pharmaceutical majors across locations in India & abroad.

Process Design & Engineering; process equipment design & engineering, facility design to meet international regulatory standards; strategic planning & execution; and contract negotiation and administration are a few of his many core competencies.

Viresh has successfully executed over 2 Million sq. ft. of facilities for pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D functions including services viz., clean utilities, plant utilities, HVAC; clean rooms, solvent storage & recovery, water pre-treatment and effluent treatment.


Doubling the capacity within existing footprint- Typical challenges & solutions


A common issue for every laboratory is to find the resources and get approval for increase in capacity of the laboratory space. The case study presents an example of how the number of analytical instruments within a given lab space were doubled without increasing the footprint of the lab through innovative design and understanding of the process. The typical challenges faced by scientists and engineers to accommodate the expansion need without needing additional space and how automation and furniture design can help in meeting the challenge are also discussed in the case study.