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A complete event

“It was really a great event. From high flexibility requirements in the labs to animal houses to safety in the cabinets is concerned (everything was covered). It was really amazing to be here and we hope that it will set new standards for lab conference(s) in the near future.”

Mr. Mohana Pillai

Account Manager Scientific – India, Broen Lab and Trespa

An event with conceptual sessions

“This was my first DELabCon. Starting from first session till mine (last session), it was (the sessions were) really conceptual sessions. A lot of my doubts were cleared about new technology of fume hoods, about air system and about new laboratory furniture.”

Mr. Arjun Phukan

Marketing and Product Manager, Waldner India

A perfect platform for relevant lab industry stakeholders

“All four different category people getting together and they know each others’ requirements and there is lot of sharing about the knowledge. It is important that everybody knows other’s requirements and when everything is coming on one platform, then the designs could be improved a lot.”

Mr. Kamlesh Mehta

CMD, Citizen Industries

An event with perfect mix of local and international experts

“I think it’s a very good concept and (what) I also think is as a European company, this show has a perfect mix of international experts as well as local experts so it gives a really good mix. Also coming from the outside; getting the grip of the Indian market, the trends and what is happening.”

Soren Sorensen

Strategic Key Account Director, Broen Lab – A/S

A brilliant brainstorming session

“(DELabCon) its an extremely brilliant concept. After attending this conference I saw it as a brainstorming session where intellectual properties across the globe come and share their views, their experiences making a sort of a mixture – a homogenous mixture or a heterogenous mixture of ideas which could create a new entity in the whole show.”

Balaji Gurupaada

Owner, Sri Gurupaada Associates